Stok Kosong
Vegetable oil
Plantbased Oil
Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 60ml - Natif
Rp 25,000
Benefits Centrifugal cold & free of chemicals: - Fresh coconut flavour & aroma - Non fermentation - No chemicals - 100% organic process Innovative ectraction process: - Hygienically Prepared - Unhydrogenated - Undeodorized - Unbleached - Unrefined Unique Natural Flavors: - Soft & easy to swallow Stable & durable to oxidation: - Fresh without preservatives - Stable when in frying temperature - Cholesterol Free - Free Trans Fat - Free Rancidity Note: Mohon chat kami sebelum membeli untuk memastikan produk ini tersedia, terimakasih #natif #coconutoil #extravirgincoconutoil #evco #vco
Berat: 160g
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