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Herbal remedy
Nona Kalani's Turmeric Latte
Rp 80,000

Story Inspired by great-grandmother's everlasting influence on ohana since 1919, in living life with compassion, we are becoming more active and health-conscious than ever. From Hawaii to Bali, the family has embraced nature to support our daily activities. Nona Kalani aspires to share a natural remedies to help the modern individual tackle life'c challanges. Why Turmeric Deemed as the magical herb from the Ayuverdic times, this ancient yet potent herb is packed with high quality anti-oxidants proven since the olden ages. Turmeric may improve digestion and to maintain overall wellbeing. Now available in delicious powder form, you and your family can enjoy this at home, at work or during your daily activites. How To Enjoy Hot: Mix 1 sachet with hot water (200ml) and allow to seep for 5 minutes. You may also top with warmed milk. Stir and enjoy. Cold: Mix 1 sachet with hot water until disolved, pour over glass of ice. Enjoy! Note: Mohon chat kami sebelum membeli untuk memastikan produk ini tersedia, terimakasih

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